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Moving Insurance

Our San Diego movers advocate proper insurance for your move. The risk that you will experience damage or loss of your property is very small with our track record of achievement. Still, we provide you with a certain amount of moving insurance given any rare possibility that you will experience loss or damage. This insurance is equivalent to $0.30 per pound per item in case of a local and intrastate move, or $0.60 per pound per item in case of an interstate or international move.

In addition, we understand that your property can be worth much more than 30 to 60 cents per pound. Our San Diego movers know that you may have homeowner’s insurance or renter’s insurance, but we also know that these policies do not cover your belongings while in the possession of movers.

For these reasons, our San Diego movers would like to make you aware of other moving insurance that you can purchase before your move. In fact, we advise you take advantage of additional insurance, particularly because it is very inexpensive and offers a high return should you experience property damage or loss.

To fill your insurance gap, there are some easy ways to protect your household or commercial goods.  You can compare insurance companies and receive free quote online very quickly and easily. In the meantime, you can learn more about the types of additional moving insurance that you can obtain before your move.

Full-Value Replacement Protection

Full-Value Replacement Protection offers a means for you to recoup from property damage or loss by way of repair, replacement, or cash allotment. It may cost more for a lower deductible, but paying a bit more can be worthwhile since it is highly unlikely that you’ll have much damage or loss, if any at all.  

Collectible Value Items

Collectible value items, also known as extraordinary value items, refer to items that have a value greater than $100 per pound per item. These items may include: antiques, collectibles, furs, oriental rugs, pianos, and grandfather clocks. Our moving company specializes in moving valuables such as pianos and grandfather clocks, but we still want you to be properly insured since these articles are so valuable.

Check in with our moving consultants to learn how you can best protect yourself from damage or loss for your move at (858) 888-9922 !